Maailman ensimmäinen härkäpapusuikale markkinoille syksyllä - Beanit

Proudly presenting our new innovation: the world’s first Fava Bean Chunk

Verso Food, the Finnish developer of fava bean based foods, is set to launch a new food innovation. The delicious Beanit fava bean chunks, available in three flavours, will meet the growing demand for high-quality plant-based foods.

Finnish fava beans are a sustainable and versatile ingredient which, in expert hands, can be transformed into a wide range of foods. Verso Food has grown from a small start-up company to an innovator and pioneer in the food sector. The company’s delicious new product, Beanit fava bean chunks, is the first of its kind in the world and the outcome of a long product development process. The key focus in the product development of this innovation was excellent taste and texture.

“We are strong believers in Finnish fava beans and the products we make from them. One step at a time, sustainable eating habits are reaching new dinner tables and situations. There is potential for growth both in Finland and beyond,” says Verso Food’s CEO, Tomi Järvenpää.

The new Beanit fava bean chunks and the popular HÄRKIS® products are both made in Kauhava in western Finland. Beanit fava bean chunks and HÄRKIS® are, however, quite different ingredients for cooking, made in different ways. HÄRKIS® is a soft bean mince made from whole fava beans, whereas the Beanit chunks have a firmer texture. Frying the Beanit chunks makes them crispy on the outside, but perfectly tender and juicy on the inside.

The Beanit chunks are packed with flavour and can be varied to suit different types of cuisine

The Beanit fava bean chunks are made with a formula of water, heat and pressure.

“The products are based on natural flavours and simple ingredients – they contain only Finnish fava beans, pea protein and water. A flavoured rapeseed oil then adds flavour and convenience to the final product” explains Verso Food’s Chief Marketing Officer, Annika Boström-Kumlin.

With its recently inaugurated Kauhava production facility, Verso Food is starting up an ingredients business to support the company’s internationalisation. This means that carefully selected partner companies in different markets can shape and finalise the products according to their cuisine.

“We have also renewed our brand to work better internationally, and the name – Beanit – works well in different languages. Our new brand reflects joy, freshness and a passion for flavour, with the fava bean at centre stage,” says Annika.

Sample at festivals already in summer – in stores and kitchens in autumn

The Beanit fava bean chunks are an entirely plant-based ingredient that turns crispy when fried. They are sold fresh in stores and ready to use. Thanks to the rapeseed oil in the product, it can be tossed from the container straight into the frying pan, fried up and enjoyed.

The chunky bites will be available in three flavours: unflavoured, Savoury Lemon and Garlic & Herbs. The deliciously crispy Beanit chunks are the perfect choice for many dishes, such as pastas, woks, salads and breads, or simply served with a good dip.

The Beanit fava bean chunks will be served already during the summer at many summer festivals across Finland – look out for the Beanit food truck. The product will be on store shelves and available to professional kitchens in early autumn.

Further information:
Tomi Järvenpää, CEO, Verso Food
tomi.jarvenpaa@versofood.fi, tel. +358 40 547 6020

Annika Boström-Kumlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Verso Food
annika.bostrom-kumlin@versofood.fi, tel. +358 40 507 1989