Our owner Kavli donates 90 000€ to Finnish charities and we get to be part of it!


EDIT 1.4.2021: Beanit is now part of Raisio Plc. This article refers to our previous owner Kavli.

Our quite different owner Kavli yearly donates all of its its profits to good causes through the Kavli Trust. Over the last few years, the funds donated group-wide have been more than €10 million per year – quite a sum! This year the Kavli Trust channels a total 90 000€ to Finnish charities, and as part of the Kavli Group, Beanit’s staff got to nominate and vote for the choices in Finland.

This year the donation, 90 000€, will be shared between these six organizations:

  • Invalidiliitto Avustajakoiratoiminta / The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities: specifically its Service dog operations
  • Apuna: Non-profit organization for families in need
  • HelsinkiMissio:  working to reduce loneliness
  • Pohjanmaan Syöpäyhdistys / Ostrobothnia Cancer Association
  • Keski-Suomen ensi- ja turvakoti / Central Finland Primary and Shelter Association
  • MIELI Lounais-Suomi / Mental Health Finland, Southwest Finland

 ”It is a privilege to belong to an organization with such principles. Just as you have to convince business partners that this all is real, one has to pinch oneself every now and then! This kind of business is possible too! ”, cheers Jukka Kajan, the Head of Stakeholder Relations at Verso Food . 

The principles and values of our owner provides us at Verso Food incredible preconditions to do business with a strong societal impact. Now it’s up to us to execute these values in our day to day operations. Thank you for all our customer and business partners for helping us to do good.

Read more about the Kavli Trust: kavlifondet.no