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Green summer soup

Yields4 Servings

Vegetable soup – hate it or like it, this soup will become your new favourite with an Asian twist. Fresh summer vegetables, lemony Beanit® chunks, green curry and creamy coconut. And that’s it!

Beanit-kesäkeitto -resepti

 10 new potatoes
 1 small cauliflower
 0.50 tbsp green curry paste
 5 dl water
 400 g coconut milk
 1 tsp salt
 3 kaffir lime leaves
 juice of a lime
 200 g peas, fresh or frozen
 250 g Beanit® Fava bean chunks, savoury lemon (1 packet = 250 g)
 3 spring onions
 fresh leaf parsley

Place diced potatoes and cauliflower in a pot. Add the curry paste, water and coconut milk. Add salt, kaffir lime leaves and lime juice. Boil until the vegetables are cooked. Add peas and Beanit® chunks. Heat the soup, but do not boil.


Garnish the soup with chopped spring onion and leaf parsley.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4