Our Products

Goodies from Fava Bean

Beanit is created with two things in mind: taste and convenience. We always aim to provide plant based food which is desired regardless of one’s diet: equally by vegans and other lovers of tasty food.

Our products are rather simple as there are only three main ingredients: locally harvested Finnish fava bean, water that is as fresh as it gets and pea protein to give the products the perfect texture.

Beanit Chunks and Mince can be applied to all sorts of cooking. They come in various taste variants according to your wishes or you can season them as you like.


Beanit® Fava Bean CHUNK

The deliciously crispy Beanit® chunks are the perfect choice for many dishes, such as pastas, woks, salads and breads, or simply served with a good dip.

Our Season to taste variant is neutral in taste with only a hint of salt & pepper, enhancing the slightly nutty flavor of the fava bean. Perfect for foodies who love to cook and prefer to do the seasoning themselves. Ideal when seasoned according to Asian or Mexican cuisine but also for milder Nordic dishes.

Beanit® Fava Bean MINCE

Our Fava bean mince is a smaller shredded size of the Fava bean chunk, with a mild savoury flavouring oil. Neutral but round in taste and aah so versatile in all of your cooking. Works beautifully in sauces, stews, on pizza or as a salad topping.

Believe the hype!

It’s not only ourselves who are excited about the Beanit products.  Beanit Chunks was selected for special display at the Anuga taste Innovation Show 2019 by a jury of experts and journalists. In other words, Beanit made it to the top 3% out of the over 2000 exhibitioners. And the consumers love it too! In the domestic Finnish market Beanit is regularly awarded and is the market leader within the plant based category having highly satisfied retaining customers.