Härkis® to be launched in Japan

Härkis® to be launched in Japan

Japan will soon get to sample Finnish fava beans, when a range of Härkis Finland products are launched in hundreds of stores. Verso Food’s partner is Hikari Miso, one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of miso.

The products made by Verso Food in Finland will be launched in Japan under the brand Härkis Finland. Starting in late March, they will be available in around 400 stores in the metropolises of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Japanese consumers are very interested in Finland and its clean and natural food.

“Hikari Miso is the perfect partner for us in exporting Härkis to Asia. It is a traditional family business with an in-depth knowledge of Japanese food culture,” says Verso Food’s CEO Tomi Järvenpää.

Three Härkis products will be launched in Japan: Härkis Plain, Härkis Mexican and Härkis Ethnic Curry. The first two products are available in Finland (Härkis Original and Härkis Tex Mex), while the third is specifically tailored to the Japanese market. This shows how easily Härkis can be adapted to different food cultures.

HÄRKIS® is perfectly aligned with Hikari Miso’s sustainable values

Hikari Miso is interested in fava beans as an alternative raw material. The company refers to Härkis as “the meat of the next generation” — sustainable food made from plant protein. The eco-friendly and natural fava bean products are well-aligned with Hikari Miso’s values.

Japan’s culinary culture is shifting as the country’s youth become more westernised. Plant-based food is a hot trend in the food industry. In Japan, plant proteins are not so much about replacing meat; Härkis is instead viewed as an interesting and easy way to eat plants and especially plant protein. For many, salad with an added protein source is a daily meal.