Matt Barr - Kauhavalta Kaliforniaan - Beanit

From Kauhava to California!

We put the Beanit® Fava bean chunks to the ultimate test – the L.A. street food scene

Imagine you are a new bean product from a pretty remote corner of the world, but you think you actually could be rather good in your league? What would be the ultimate test to find out? How about Los Angeles, the mecca of things such as great veggies, a buzzling plant-based food scene, excellent street food and lots of bean food influences from South America?

We wanted to know how our Fava bean innovation would stand up in this scene and so we sent a batch of new Beanit Fava bean chunks to California. We challenged local private chef Matt Barr to create both home and street food recipes of the bean chunks. And what happened? Beanit took Los Angeles by storm and the locals even declared the Beanit taco to be best taco they have ever tasted. 💚 Just Fabalicious food for human beans!


As it turned out, our local private chef Matt (former meat lover, now vegan, stay-at-home dad and full-blown foodie, by the way) fell in love with the Beanit fava bean foods. Check out what he learned in the video!

Do you want to cook Matt’s mouthwatering creations yourself? Check out our LA recipes and videos below!

California BBQ Beanit with Grilled corn & herbs coleslaw

Yucatan pulled Beanit with Pickled onions and Habanero salsa

Beanit with Harissa kale and Black olive salsa