Frequently asked questions

What are the Beanit® fava bean chunks made of?

The Beanit® Fava bean chunk and mince mass itself contains only water, pea protein and Finnish fava beans. The products are then seasoned with a flavoured rapeseed oil. That’s all there is to it. No additives, no funnies.

What is so unique about this product? There are lots of other veggie chunks in the world already?

The Beanit® fava bean chunk tastes different compared to other plant-based proteins because of the fava bean as an ingredient. It has a pleasant texture which is firm but not chewy, and a softly nutty base taste. We recommend you to taste them yourself!

Also, the Beanit® fava bean chunks are sold fresh, not frozen, and they are ready to use. Since the product contains flavour oil, all you have to do is to toss the contents into a pan and fry them crispy. No extra oil is needed for cooking.

Can this be healthy? I don't want to eat processed food.

We use traditional kitchen processes to make the product – just on a larger scale. We like to compare it to other cooking and baking processes; a loaf of bread is also a very different product compared to flour, the starting point when baking. The process of the fava bean chunks is quite similar. 

Generally speaking, a plant-based diet is healthier than a diet containing a lot of meat. The Beanit® fava bean products are a good way of adding structure, variety and satiety to any food, and always in a sustainable way since it is plant-based.

Is this a substitute for meat or chicken?

You can use the Beanit® fava bean chunks like you would use shredded meat or chicken. 

However in terms of taste, our goal was not to develop a substitute for meat or chicken but rather  a new plant based ingredient. Our mission is to make plant-based food that is absolutely delicious, and vegetarian food deserves its own unique taste. That’s why we don’t use chicken or meat flavourings or try to copy the taste of animal proteins.

The Beanit® fava bean chunks and mince are above all great new ingredients for delicious cooking. On top of that, they happen to be a sustainable alternative.