Beanit® having wider shoulders and a strategic position in Raisio

This spring, we became part of the Raisio Group, which is a big enabling step on the Beanit journey. What better home for Beanit than a company having a far extending international presence and a purpose of “Food for Health, Heart and Earth”?

Beanit® and our plant-based foods will not be on the fringes of Raisio but go straight to the heart: plant-based food is highlighted as one of the three priorities in the updated strategy.  Two other priorities are Benecol® products and plant stanol ester solutions, and oat-based consumer products and oats as an industrial raw material. At the same time, Beanit® and Härkis® will join Raisio’s strong brands, such as Elovena®, Benecol® and Sunnuntai®.

Beanit® and fava beans fit Raisio’s purpose and strategy like a bean in a pod, and we are excited to see how fava beans grown by Finnish farmers will continue to be transformed into delicious food at our Kauhava production facility in the heart of Ostrobothnia.

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