Just beanit!

The world’s first fava bean chunk – available soon!

The Beanit fava bean chunk is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and works like a dream in all of your favourite dishes.

The chunky bites will be available in three flavours: unflavoured, Savoury Lemon and Garlic & Herbs. The deliciously crispy Beanit chunks are the perfect choice for pastas, woks, salads and filled breads, or simply served with a good dip.

Proudly from the makers of Härkis®, Finland’s favourite veggie product.

Tell me more?

The Beanit fava bean chunks are 100% plant-based ingredients for cooking. When fried, they will get perfectly crispy and absolutely delicious.

Our fava bean chunks are made in Kauhava in Western Finland, from local Finnish fava beans (the best, due to our light and sweet summer). The chunks are based on natural flavours and simple ingredients – they contain only Finnish fava beans, pea protein and water. To the final product we then add a flavoured rapeseed oil for extra taste and convenience.

The Beanit chunks are sold fresh in stores and ready to use. Thanks to the rapeseed oil in the product, it can be tossed from the container straight into the frying pan, fried up and enjoyed.

Beanit fava bean chunks – Season to taste

The all-round variant, containing the slightly nutty flavour of the fava bean, with just a hint of salt and pepper. Suited for creative cooking and flavouring. Works nicely with a variety of cuisines, such as Asian and Tex-Mex, but also in traditional mild Finnish recipes.

Beanit fava bean chunks – Savoury Lemon

Rich in flavour, with the freshness of lemon and a slightly sweet roundness. Easily approachable and sure to please the whole family. Works excellently in pasta dishes and salads.

Beanit fava bean chunks – Garlic & Herbs

Aromatic and full of herbs; rosemary, marjoram, oregano and parsley. Especially well-suited for oven-grilling, in barbecue-inspired foods or simply as a snack served with a good dipping sauce.

So when and where can I get it?

Sample at festivals during the summer – in stores and restaurants in autumn

The Beanit fava bean chunks will be served already during the summer at many summer festivals across Finland – look out for the Beanit food truck. We will serve up some super tasty Asian Beanit bowls as well as Härkis® burgers. Welcome to eat with us!

The product will be on store shelves and available to professional kitchens across Finland in early autumn. Follow us on social media to get the latest news on when the chunks are out!

  • 12.6.2019Helsinki day, Kaisaniemi park
  • 14.6.2019Sting, Kaisaniemi park, Helsinki
  • 14.-16.6.2019Jukolan relay, Kangasala
  • 16.6.2019Alice in Chains, Kaisaniemen park, Helsinki
  • 20.-22.6.2019RMJ, Rauma
  • 27.-29.6.2019Provinssi, Seinäjoki
  • 18.-20.7.2019Tammerfest, Tampere
  • 25.7.2019The Offspring, Suvilahti, Helsinki
  • 25.-27.7.2019Kuopio RockCock
  • 16.-17.8.2019Blockfest, Tampere